Install Adobe Flash Player - flashplayer_32_sa_debug.exe

So you know how Flash used to be a big part of the internet and everything? You know how awesome that was? Well, because of bogus crap like "serious security concerns" and "being nigh impossible to maintain", Adobe has shut down Flash. And just recently, they've taken down all downloads of the Flash Player.

As a Homestuck fan and flash game enjoyer, this totally sucks ass. I get removing the element from the browsers, but REALLY? You're just gonna all up and REMOVE all of the debug downloads as well? THIS CANNOT STAND. NOT ON THE FREE WEB!

If you wanna do this the hard way, Adobe, we're gonna do this the hard way.


Luckily for the internet, I saved a copy of the Adobe Flash Player - particularly, the standalone debug version, which was available shortly after the browser players got culled. This version dates to November 2020.

Now, this has some caveats. You will not be able to view Flash content in a browser anymore (use Ruffle for that - but it's very buggy atm), but in its own application. Most SWFs will run smoothly on them though, perhaps even better than a browser.

Alright, skip the fluff text, DOWNLOAD THE FLASH PLAYER ALREADY!

("Adobe Flash Player 32.0 r0", ~16.0 MB, downloaded 12 Feb 2022, original version 25 Nov 2020)

BTW, don't worry about viruses or anything. I downloaded it directly from Adobe's website, and this file is hashed and certified by Adobe itself. You can see this in Properties under 'Digital Signatures' (basically meaning that I couldn't have put anything malicious in it). Also, trust me bro.

Important Notices

  • To load content, you're gonna have to download the raw SWF your flash came in. If you don't know how to download SWFs, hahahahahahahahaha good luck.
  • Flash Player has some pretty serious vulnerabilities, so please make sure that whatever SWFs you're downloading aren't sketchy or malicious. The best anti-virus is common sense.

Final Thoughts

Hey Adobe, if you're even THINKING about removing this page, I will spread pirated copies of Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Illustrator so far across the web, you'll practically see that seventeenth pony fade from your bank accounts. And I'll squawk like an imbecile and shit on all your desks. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!